Tips on photographing Firework displays

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Blackheath's Firework display 2015Blackheath, November 2015

A stone's throw away from the Gallery will be Blackheath's Firework display this Saturday 5th November 2016. Hours before it will start, many will flock to this free event and most will try and capture it on camera.

There are many challenges to photographing them, so we've put together some tips to help you and we hope you will have fun trying it out and achieve some good results. 

1. Use a good sturdy tripod and a remote to fire the camera. (You can set your camera timer if you do not have one) 

2. Set your ISO low to around 100 or 200. This will ensure you've eliminated too much noise in your photograph. 

3. Put the camera on manual mode and set aperture between f5.6 and f8. Closing down will make the light trails thinner and opening up will make them wider. Test shots are always good.

4. Set your shutter speed between 2-10 seconds, try and test shot before the show and see if the sky is too dark or too bright- then adjust. 

5. You'll have to focus your lens ahead of time because AF will struggle focusing in low light. AF will keep trying to refocus the shots and you could miss the image you were after and get a blurry result. 

6. The best time to get the best shots could be in the beginning when there will be less smoke cause from the display itself. 

7. Find out where the display will be launched and then scout a good location ahead of time for your photographs. Get there early to claim your spot on the evening. Ask yourself, do you want people in the frame or just the display to fill frame? 

8. Experiment! 

Have a safe and fun Bonfire night weekend.

We hope you get some really fantastic photographs!


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