With darker evenings come more possibilities.

October 13, 2016  •  1 Comment

Autumnal nights will be a really great opportunity to get out and experiment with our long exposure settings. It is chilly but manageable before the real winter temperatures set in. 

If you can take a trip into London, take just the essentials to start. 

Tripod, Camera, fully charged batteries, memory card and try your favourite lens. Maybe a 50mm or maybe just the standard 18-55mm. I hoping to inspire first time Night Photographers out there. With a few tips, you may find a stronger passion for the medium. 

You certainly can invest in more equipment, but for now, keep the above in tow and take a night stroll. 

St. Paul's at nightISO 100 F22 at 54 seconds

We have taught our previous One Day workshop guests that the darker the light condition the higher the ISO number. But so long as you have a tripod, you should keep your ISO very low to keep good image quality. It will be crucial to also have your f-stop closed down (high number such as f22) so that you do not over expose the image. Timing is key for night photography so it will be more about long exposure times that about depth of field and aperture. Now, the trick here is to set your timer because even the slightest push on your shutter button to expose the image, can be enough movement for camera blur. In the future, you could purchase a cordless cable release, but the timer can work too. 

Use the weather to your advantage and don't feel hesitant to go out in the rain. Provided that you can shoot after the rain stopped, you can use droplets or puddles to your advantage and make interesting compositions with them. 

Think about good vantage points. Bridges are good and long exposures will give The Thames a nice silky effect. Remember, anything that emits light and moves will give a trail. Maybe wait for boat to pass or try and catch an airplane! 

Keep an open mind and have fun. 

If you need any assistance, give us a call at the gallery and we can arrange a 1:1 camera tuition based solely on night photography.

Hope this will encourage you!



Robert Hangartner(non-registered)
I had a great evening back in November with Fergus. Clear instructions, endless patience and great advice. I'm now a convert to night photography.
Thank you Fergus.
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