Fergus Noone Gallery | 19th June Photography Workshop

19th June Photography Workshop

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What makes a Photography Tuition Workshop worthwhile?


As the tutor, there are many aspects of each workshop that make it worthwhile. For one, we witness a fresh new perspective of London that is unique to each guest. But most importantly, we are able to give them confidence with their camera and see how they have demonstrated their new found knowledge into their image making.

Our last workshop in June was no different. Each person came into the morning session as a sort of 'novice' as they described their relationship with their cameras. But within hours, we got them shooting in manual mode, making creative decisions and even better, finding a new curiosity with how to see and take pictures.

Our first guest, Andrew May shot a beautiful vista of London but a good proportion of his image reflects a humble scene of families enjoying the British summer at the boating pond in Greenwich Park. The people offer life within the image and are small enough to remain anonymous yet without them, the shot would be completely different. 

London from Greenwich ParkPhotograph by Andrew May

Once the technical side of photography is understood, then the real fun begins. Composition and what comprises within the image make photography a creative medium. A fine example is Jim Yovens image of flowers. The burst of colour locks our eyes into a scene of beauty. His narrow depth of field and his focus point determine where we look first and keep us centered. 

Greenwich Park Flower GardenPhotograph by Jim Yovens

The image below is by David Roberts. We are all in agreement that this is the award winner. Probably without any intention, David captured a unobtrusive family portrait with them completely in their element, on a walk enjoying ice cream. But it is also, the city-scape behind that puts it all into place. We have within the frame a London backdrop that exhibits the modern architecture of buildings like The Shard right through to the Victorian architecture of Greenwich Power station to the east. How often do we get to see ourselves with the people we love in this way? A stunning location with a family together one after the other. Although they are strangers to David, if he were a hired as a professional portrait photographer, there would be no doubt that this family would love the moment captured here. So, in this sense, a scene like this can be a good reference for ideas in the making, should one want to take their photography on a more professional level. 

Family day out, Greenwich ParkPhotograph by David Roberts


Our One Day Tuition Workshops offer two important lessons. The first being about getting to grips with your camera and understanding its functions to take better photographs. The second being how to photograph creatively and tapping into your own expressive eye in image making. We hope to inspire you and guide you through a fresh way of seeing. Furthermore, back at our studio, we introduce you to the wonders of post-production software to assist photography using enhancement/correction tools and filters. 

Find out more and how to book on by following the link below: 



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